Your Project Experience

Your Project Experience

Zablocki Roofing, working for YOU!

Here a few things we would like to share so you can see what your experience will be like:

  • We are honest, sincere, and reliable. Proven by our 10-year workmanship warranty - our quotes are accurate and our work is excellent.
  • We are very well known all over Central Minnesota. Look for us in your neighborhood.
  • Our builders are liscensed for your project. We make sure your installation is in line with all current building codes by handling all permits and inspections for your project(s).
  • Our company is insured to build on your property.
  • We have been around for over a decade and will be here for many years to come, proof positive you can trust our 10-year workmanship warranty.
  • We strive to make sure all of our installers stay up-to-date with certifications and training for the products we install.
  • Our installation team members are clean, neat, and willing to serve your needs. We put your needs first, closely followed by our employees’ needs. Call us today for our unique approach to your better tomorrow.
  • We give free quotes for your project(s). Call us today or fill out our easy online quote form and a Zablocki Roofing representative will contact you promptly.

Project Expectations:

For your convenience, our valued customer, we would like to include a few helpful tips in order to make your roofing experience a pleasant one.

Trim Trees and Bushes

If you have low-hanging branches over your roof, some trimming might be necessary. Our professional team of installers will only eliminate the limbs that restrict or limit our ability to do an effective quality job. You may also choose to have the tree trimmed prior to construction, in order to produce the best possible results.

Pictures, Light Fixtures, Mirrors, and Other Hanging Objects

These fragile objects could fall if not properly secured. We would recommend that you check these items in order to guarantee they are will not get damaged. Any type of construction can usually cause vibrations in your home's structure, leading to damaged pictures or even hazards to your family. If necessary, you may also consider the temporary removal of these items if you choose.

Tear Off

When it is necessary to remove your existing roof material, some debris or dust may fall through the sheeting boards. In areas with open garages or where sheet-rock does not exist on the ceilings, we highly suggest the covering or removal of any items requiring protection with plastic, cloth, or a comparable material.

Access to the Work Site

We compute your contract price utilizing driveways, walkways, and /or side access yards for trucks and related equipment while work is performed. If this is not acceptable, please notify us immediately. All personal vehicles, trailers, etc. need to be removed from the worksite or area the night before or prior to starting time.


In order to utilize our tools properly, access to electricity is necessary.

Scheduling Your Exterior Home Improvement

Due to circumstances beyond our control, your start date could be delayed, or initiated earlier than expected; therefore your presence is not required when we begin the project. We recommend that you DO NOT take the day off from work or rearrange important appointments that may be necessary. Per our policy, we will notify homeowners in advance if there are any changes in the schedule. If we are able to move you up or have to push you back, we appreciate your willingness to be flexible. Factors like unforeseen repairs at the customer's home before you or unpredictable weather are both examples of scheduling changes.

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