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As our name implies, Zablocki Roofing, we do roofing. But we also install siding, windows, doors, and gutters as well!

We have been serving the greater St. Cloud, MN area for over 15+ years, and are proud to stand behind our 10-year workmanship warranty.

Our newest service is roof cleaning using ROOF SHAMPOO! We have been receiving calls over the years, asking about the dirty appearance of roofs. We did extensive research and felt that the Roof Shampoo is the safest product for your roof and property.

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Zablocki Roofing Inc. Services in the St. Cloud, MN Area

Roofing St Cloud


Zablocki Roofing listens to our customers.  When the community started calling and asking for what they could do about the black roof stains and mold/mildew on their roofs, we researched and found Roof Shampoo®. The newest service to our repertoire and the best solution for our customers and their dirty roofs.

Roof Vent Repair


We offer all roofing services for residential and commercial.  We pride ourselves on helping you with your roofing projects from start to finish. When it comes to your roof, it is important to not only choose the right products, but also the right contractor for the job.  To ensure your roof is done right and lasts you years of enjoyment and peace of mind with our 10-year workmanship warranty.

Remove Moss From Roof


Nothing improves the value of your home as much or as quickly as new siding. Because we are seasoned professionals in construction, we are often told that the end result of our work looks great!

Roof Vent Leak


Zablocki Roofing’s skilled technicians want to help you maintain your home’s exterior. By taking care of small repairs before they become full replacements, we want to help you protect your home and your investment.

Roofing and Gutter Cleaning


Zablocki Roofing offers Seamless Aluminum gutters.  Seamless gutters are not sectioned or do not have "seams" that allow leaks or worse ice build-up during the winter months that could potentially cause damage to your roof.  Our seamless gutters are made on site and installed with precision to ensure the optimal path for water to be directed away from your home.

Window Repair St. Cloud MN


Zablocki Roofing offers all windows types, Aluminum, Wood, Vinyl, Casement, Picture. Whatever style works best for your home and lifestyle.

Zablocki Roofers St. Cloud


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"We are very happy with the whole project overall. Shane came out and was very thorough..." -TT (Clear Lake, MN)
TT - Clear Lake, MN
"Was very impressed with the quality of work and the amount if time it was done. All my question..." -LF (Zimmerman, MN)
LK - Zimmerman, MN
"Thank you again for taking care of the ice issue at our rental property. I really appreciate you putting a crew together that quickly (especially on a Sunday) to get the issue take care of. Thanks!" -Dan (Rice, MN)
Dan - Rice, MN
You live up “To The Peak of Perfection,” 110 percent! -Linda (Sartell, MN)
Linda - Sartell
"Top of the line work." -Tony (Foley, MN)
Tony - Foley, MN
"Excellent contractors. Very fortunate to have them complete siding on my home. Thanks to all of them!!" -Salle (Waite Park, MN)
Salle - Waite Park, MN
“Liked the fact that he took pictures of my old roof and showed them to me. Glad that Shane had mentioned that for a fee, he would handle the paperwork for getting a refund on my old shingles.” -J.Y. (Sauk Rapids, MN)


J.Y. Sauk Rapids, MN
“We were impressed with the quality of work and attention to detail and the great customer service. We felt like you cared about doing a good job and pleasing us!” -E.G. (Cold Spring, MN)
E.G. Cold Spring, MN
“Shane, you are great to work with. I was happy that, if I was not happy, you were not happy and you would make it right.” -T.Z. (Sartell, MN)
T.Z. Sartell, MN
“An extra Thank You to Jon for all his pre-job help. My Mother’s roof was completed efficiently and on time. Thanks” -K.B. for V.M. (St. Cloud, MN)


K.B. for V.M. St. Cloud, MN
“We were very pleased with your courteous, business like manor in which you did the whole job.” -D.P. (St. Joseph, MN)


D.P. St. Joseph, MN
“Thank you for working so hard to satisfy our difficult insurance company, re-scheduling to meet their demands, etc.” -J.A. (Sartell, MN)


J.A. Sartell, MN
“John Miller was very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all questions. Also did a good job on help with certain need. Crew did a great job!! Please pass this on it was extremely hot when the work was being done Zig, Joe, Trent, Cory Thanks so much the ...


M.K. St. Cloud, MN
storm damage to house, deck and shed – got another estimate and that company only estimated the house.“All said and done we wouldn't have gotten my shed re-done and additional funds to cover the deck if Jon had not asked those questions and analyzed the insurance company's adjuster's summary. So ...


M.R. St. Cloud, MN