Meet the Team

Meet the team

Shane Zablocki - Owner


Shane Zablocki created Zablocki Roofing, Inc. in 2006. Shane’s entrepreneurial spirit started at a young age, he has been roofing and learning this industry before he was even able to drive! With his vast experience, there are very few roof problems that he has not encountered before. He has been called on to help find issues that others have not been able to find. His favorite question in the office is “ do you think, or do you know that is the correct answer?” He challenges all of us to find better solutions, he is an innovator and likes to come up with more ways to serve our clients. His motto is “To The Peak Of Perfection”

What Shane can do for you!

Detailed in all areas of estimates, inspections, diagnosis, consulting, problem-solving, roofing, repairs, siding, windows, doors, gutters, financing, roof cleaning, ice dam removal and roof snow removal.

Shane’s free time:

In Shane’s downtime, he spends time with his wife (Teri) and daughters (Emma and Paige). He also enjoys gathering with friends and family, working out, snowmobiling, sports, yard work and discussions.

Jon Miller - Sales


Zablocki Roofing was thrilled to be able to add Jon Miller to our team in 2012. While Jon is primarily in sales, he has also available to work in the field installing roofs, siding, and windows. He is also a highly skilled repair technician and is able to find and correct any exterior problems.

What Jon can do for you!

Jon is able to provide you with detailed estimates for roofing, siding, window and doors. He is also able to diagnosis roof/siding problems, make repairs – large or small.

Jon’s free time:

In Jon’s off time, he spends time with his wife and children. In the fall he enjoys hunting and in the winter he gives back to his community by coaching the Foley Youth Wrestling team.

We are just a phone call away!

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