How to Remove Moss From Your Roof

How to Remove Moss From Your Roof

Do You Have Moss on Your Roof?

This is dangerous! Moss is a green micro-plant that grows like a dense green blanket on wet surfaces. If it is growing in the woods near your house that is natural. But if it starts growing on your roof you must act fast and hire the services of professional roof cleaners.

Why Roof Moss Removal is Necessary

  •  Porous Roof - Do you recall how the roots of a tree pierce the earth? If you happen to cement a surface around a fast-growing tree you may soon see the cemented surface cracking and lifting. That is exactly what moss does to your roof. It pierces the roof surface with its roots and makes it porous. The porous surface holds rainwater and moisture from the air. This further promotes the growth of moss, bacteria and mold. Ultimately, tiny holes may develop into your roof causing leakages.
  • Health hazard - Moss, algae, and lichens, live off the material of your roof and the shingles. Gradually they eat into the roof deck. At this stage, they can start posing health problems to your dear family and pets.
  • Esthetics - Moss usually looks like stains on your clean roof and spoils the view of your rooftop. This is not good! Unless, of course, you are eager to camouflage your house from aerial attack!
  • Danger of Accident - Of course, you should never try to walk on a mossy roof. You may get a rather risky experience of skiing without the skis!
  • Life of the Building - The growth of moss on the roof will slowly reduce the life and value of your building.
  • Insurance - Insurance companies now realize the risk posed by roof moss to the structure of the roof. It is possible that your insurance company may cancel your insurance due to the growth of moss, or signs of it, at short notice.

Preventing Moss Growth

Moss needs moisture for growth. Take the following steps to avoid moss build-up:
  • Trim any tree branches near the roof.
  • Frequently clear your roof of sticks, leaves and any other biological material.
  • Keep the roof drains free of blockage.
  • You can affix zinc strips along the roof ridge. During rain, zinc will be released to areas of the roof and prevent moss.
  • Invite Roof Shampoo professional team to clean the roof occasionally.
Zablocki Roofing in St, Cloud, MN specializes in roof cleaning with roof shampoo and has been in business for over 15 years.

Removing Moss From Your Roof

Clean the roof yourself or have the moss removed by professional roof cleaning contractors, whenever you feel moss or algae have started to grow. These people may also provide roof cleaning services at the same time.

Do It Yourself

There are a few alternate ways of doing this.
  • Scraping and Washing - Scrape it away. Then use water to flush it away. Do avoid high pressure or you may damage the shingles. That may be cheap, but:
    • It is laborious.
    • Scraping will not remove the roots inside the pores, and the moss may come back fast.
    • By repeatedly scraping you are also thinning shingles and the roof.
    • Work on the roof without specialist precautions you may run the risk of falling.
  • Bleach the Roof - Bleach will kill the moss. But:
    • Be careful to dilute it.
    • Wear gloves, glasses, and mask for proper protection.
    • Being corrosive it can discolor the roof, and may damage the vegetation around the house.
    • You may still need to scrape.
  • Zinc Powder - A product of zinc sulfate, the powder will not damage the roof structures but it can certainly harm wildlife and vegetation.
Personally, based on the risks associated with cleaning the roof yourself, I’d recommend calling a professional roofer or roof cleaner to get the job done. After all your house is probably one of the biggest investments you’ve made.

Professional Cleaning with Roof Shampoo

Your best bet, however, is to have your roof cleaned by Roof shampoo specialists such as Zablocki Roofing. They use special mild eco-friendly shampoo which avoids all the disadvantages of the other methods. The shampoo is:
  • Made with a proprietary formula
  • Specially prepared for ridding roofs of moss etc.
  • It is a non-bleaching. It does not discolor or damage the roof
  • No need for scrubbing
  • An eco-friendly shampoo. While eradicating the moss, it will not harm the vegetation or wildlife around
  • Applied with a special disc sprinkler which produces a low-pressure flow of water. Will not damage the shingles
  • You do not wait for the rain to clean up
  • The results are visible immediately, and you can see them before the Shampoo team leaves your home
  • Every inch of the roof is cleaned up evenly
  • These facts are supported by reports of a satisfied customer.

Why Zablocki Roofing is the Best

With all the above advantages, why should you look for another solution? If you are living around Saint Cloud MN, and need your roof cleaned professional and economically, your best bet is Zablocki Roofing. We are professional roof cleaning contractors who have been providing high-quality roofing services to the residents of Saint Cloud, MN and surrounding areas for more than 15 years. Also, we take pride in having a team of certified and professional staff. We also offer a workmanship warranty to our customers. Above all we’re professional roof cleaning contractors and experts at all things Roofing.

A moss-free roof is just a phone call away!

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