Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring Home Maintenance

Spring has arrived in St. Cloud, Minnesota!  The ground is too cold to start any yard maintenance, but now is a great time to give your house a “once over”.  If you are a “do-it-yourselfer” this handy spring home maintenance checklist will give you an idea of some things you should be looking over.

Let’s start at the top, and work our way down the house.

On your roof, look at:

  • Shingles: If there are any missing or broken shingles, these need to be replaced.  If you have any shingles that are curling or have excessive granule loss, those should be replaced as well.  Do you have black streaks on your roof?
  • Vents: If you have plastic vents, check that they do not have any cracks or are broken.  If they are damaged, they need to be replaced.
  • Flashing: Make sure it is secure and in good condition.
  • Debris:  Debris should be removed.  Leaves, twigs and branches will collect and retain moisture and prevent rain from flowing off your roof.
  • Skylight(s): Remove any debris from around the skylight, check for cracks or broken seals.  Cleaning is recommended.
  • Chimney:  Look for any cracks in the masonry, check the flashing.
  • Gutters:  If you don’t have gutter toppers, remove any debris that has accumulated.  Check to ensure that the gutters are still attached properly to the fascia.

Next, check:

  • Downspouts: Make sure all downspout extensions are attached and functioning.
  • Windows:  Clean and check for any gaps that need to be sealed, or weather stripping that needs to be replaced.  Also check for moisture between the panes, and look at the glass to see if it is fuzzy or hazy.  If you have a wood frame, is it time to repaint?
  • Doors: Clean and remove storm windows.  Clean door, check the latches, check weather stripping, look for chipping paint (if wood)
  • Vinyl Siding:  Check that your vinyl siding is not bowed, cracked, loose or missing.
  • Cement Board, Masonite or Wood Siding: check for peeling paint, decay and/or rotted boards.

Spending an afternoon giving your home a “once over” will allow you to fix any small issues before they become a full blown replacement.

If you are not comfortable being on your roof, or are not sure what you should be looking at please contact Zablocki Roofing.  We are here to help you with all of your exterior needs and have over 15 years serving the greater St. Cloud, MN area.  For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 320.203.1297 or visit us at www.zablockiroofing.com.


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