Repair vs Replace

Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

Zablocki Roofing repair vs replace graph

As seen in the graph above, other contractors only offer a replacement of your roof because it is in their best interest. We want to provide service that serves your best interest. Therefore, we offer a repair service as an option to full replacement. A repair technician will come out and perform a multi-point inspection for you to decide if you need a repair or a replacement. A repair to your roof can extend its life around an average of 5 years, saving you money now so you can focus on the other things in your life. Full replacement could be somewhere down the road.

The difference between us and the others will be immediately apparent to you. We want to extract the most information from you concerning your roof and in turn be able to make the best possible decision for you and your money. Even if you need a full replacement, you will have peace of mind through knowledge and information. Why go with the other guy who wants to replace your roof when all that is needed is a repair?

Fee ScheduleZablocki Roofing Price
Diagnosis Fee*+$99.00
Trip Charge (20+ miles out of range)$25.00
Repair ChargePer hour basis

*If your roof is judged to be in need of a full replacement and you sign up with Zablocki Roofing to perform the replacement within a year, your Diagnosis Fee will be refunded.

+Diagnosis Fee includes: Repair tech drive time (up to 20 Miles), a multi-point inspection to determine the condition of your roof, a detailed breakdown of key issues or potential problems, and an ultimate recommendation.