Ice Dam Prevention Tips

Ice Dam Prevention & Removal Tips

Maintaining a constant flow of water down your roof can lead to saving you time and money by taking a preventative approach to ice and snow. Zablocki Roofing wants to provide you with the knowledge necessary in order to win the battle against dangerous ice dams and snow build-up. Here are some options:
1 | Roof Rake
One of the easiest things you can do is to purchase a roof rake that will help clear snow off of the roof. Removal of snow 6 feet up from the bottom of the roof and down is recommended.

Advantages: Inexpensive Disadvantages: Does not remove ice; Labor intensive

2 | Heat Tape

Another option you have is to purchase and install a heat tape product on the bottom of your roof. This tape is electrically powered and generates heat. It can be installed on the roof surface, down valley metal, and in gutters.

Advantages: Inexpensive Disadvantages: May be difficult to install; High risk of personal injury; Can malfunction and make snow removal more difficult

3 | Salt Stocking

Putting a proper melting salt in an old pair of pantyhose or stocking and tying off the end can serve as a quick solution. It then can be placed upon the roof in a valley or gutter to promote melting.

Advantage: Inexpensive Disadvantage: Not very effective; Some salt is ineffective below certain temps; Some salt is not safe for the environment; Potential risk of personal injury

4 | Snow & Ice Removal Account

The most beneficial option to you, in the long run, is to start an account with Zablocki Roofing. We are the area's leading company when it comes to roofing and snow & ice removal. We will come and regularly clear your roof to allow for maximum water flow.

Advantages: No personal injury; Easier for you; Prevents damage; Proven method; Need not be present Disadvantages: Cost can be variable due to weather

Below is a guide to help keep ice off your roof, feel free to download the PDF copy.

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