Roof Snow Removal

Roof Snow Removal

In Minnesota, we are very familiar with snow and ice. Mostly, we think of it when it is right in front of us, in our driveway or on our sidewalks or roads. One of the spots often overlooked by many of us is the threat above us.  Roof Snow Removal services is provided for homes that experience a significant amount of accumulation on the roof. Hiring Zablocki Roofing to remove the snow from your roof ensures you that your home will stay safe and free from problems that can arise if left alone. 

Snow on roofs can cause problems. The most dangerous is the heavy load snow can put on a roof. Depending on how and when your home was built a heavy snow load can cause a roof to collapse. A second way snow is a problem is with plugged up sewer vents causing sewer gas to back up in your house. Also snow can cover up your roof vents or ridge vent and not allow the air to escape out of the attic. When this happens the warmer air will freeze to the bottom of your roof forming frost. Once outside temperatures warm up the frost will melt causing leaks into your house. Snow on your roof can also lead to ice dams. Either from heat loss or during the freeze thaw cycles when snow melts during the day when temperatures are warmer and freezes along the roof edges at night when the temperatures drop. Zablocki Roofing can remove the snow from your roof to prevent these problems from happening.

Snow and Ice buildup can be a serious issue on your roof. Ice building up on the eaves of your roof can lead to ice dams, which can assist water in backtracking up your roof under your shingles. For information, please read our guide on Roof Snow Removal


By allowing the professionals of Zablocki Roofing to handle the roof snow removal process all of your concerns will be addressed. We will protect landscaping, air conditioners, furnace exhaust/intake, and gas meters. We can also remove large piles of snow from the roof that pile up in front of doors, windows, sidewalks, decks and driveways if needed.

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