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Gutters are designed to move water away from the your home. Water falling directly from the roof may wear away the ground next to your home, making your basement more susceptible to leaking or cause foundation issues.
Another reason to install a gutter system would be to keep water from running onto high traffic areas like entrances or walkways. This is especially important in spring and fall when freezing temperatures could form dangerous ice patches that may cause people to slip and fall.
For homes that have trees around them that lose their leaves every year (like oak trees) you may also want to consider installing some sort of cover on your gutter system. This can either be a screen or helmet system that is installed over the top of your gutter that helps prevent leaves or needles from collecting and clogging up the gutters. These can be retrofitted to your existing gutter system and can save you the inconvenience of cleaning your gutters every fall.
Keeping your gutters free and clear of debris is very important because standing water in your gutters can cause other problems for your home, especially in the winter. Freezing debris and water can lead to ice dam formation and cause your roof to leak even on the coldest days. For more on ice dam prevention visit here.


GUTTER CLEANING – Nothing should be growing in your gutter! Gutters should have all of the debris removed every fall.  This may be as simple as rinsing it out with your garden hose, or (in the case of the photos) digging out the excess sediment.  You will probably need to use some sort of ladder to get to your gutters, use caution, and be careful not to try to “over reach” which may cause you to fall!

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